Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Super-Duper Target trip

First off, to get these great deals I had to go register at A Full Cup - they are a website with links to all kinds of coupons, but what I love is their Target Coupon Generator which saves the past coupons from the Target website that haven't expired. You'll have to go there for some of these coupons and you'll have to register with them- but it's SO worth it!

Top Round Steak or Roast- $2.49/lb
I bought one 3.23 lb roast (there were some as small as 1.5lb) and used the $2/1 pkg coupon
I ended up paying $1.87/lb but you could pay as little as $1.73 for a 1.5lb roast!!

Motts Applesauce- $1.69
$1 off Target coupon
$0.69 for a package!! (I got 5 of these)

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks- $1.79
$0.50 off Target coupon and $0.75/2 coupon
$1.83 for 2 pkgs or $0.92 for 1 (I got 4 pkgs)

The great Goldfish deal is still going on!
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish- $1.79 per package
$1 off Target coupon from A Full Cup Target Coupon Generator here
$0.79 per package (I got 3 more packages)

Archer Farms Cereal- many kinds on sale $1.89
$1 off Target coupon from Coupon Generator here
$0.89 per box! (and we've had these before- taste the same as the name brand!)

Chex Mix- $2.14
$.50 off Target coupon from Coupon Generator here and $0.60 off here
$1.04 per package

Red Grapes- $0.99/lb

Strawberries- $2.49/lb

Kiwi- $0.33 each

I also found twin size 200-ct sheet set (pillow case, flat and fitted sheet) for $7.49! This is great as a back up set for our girls' beds!

I impressed my mom who went with me to push the cart as I had to ride around in a motorized wheelchair to get through our shopping trip. She said she wouldn't have believed that we saved almost $32 if she hadn't seen it herself!

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