Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cooking ahead for Baby...

As most of you know, I'm due March 29th with our 4th child. I also love Once-A-Month Cooking. So I figured it was only smart to prepare for this baby by getting meals ready ahead of time so that I won't be running around crazy after the baby comes trying to transition- especially since my husband's job has wacky, longer hours. This should help with my sanity.

Thanks to my mom being here, I had the opportunity to get some meals prepared from meat I had stocked up in my freezer. I don't have a list of what's in my very full freezer yet, but I hope to get that accomplished tomorrow. At my husband's suggestion, I'll be making a list of everything we have in the freezer and hanging it up next to it so that I can cross things off as we eat them. This week alone I was able to make:
Cheesy Chicken and Rice
Mushroom Chicken and Rice,
Spinach Rice Casserole,
Dream Spaghetti,
8 lbs of cooked Taco Meat separated into 6 bags,
8 lbs of chicken breasts pressure cooked, shredded and separated to use later to make enchiladas, cheesy chicken noodle, quesadillas, chimichangas, chicken taco pizza, chicken pizza, and to add in salad,
4 chipolte-marinated steaks separated into 3 portions- one for stir-fry, one for fajitas and two to grill up,
and 25 homemade egg, sausage and cheese breakfast pockets

So I have about 20 meals that I prepared this week- I still have to make the pizza crusts to freeze and I may try to make my own flour tortillas to freeze if I get ambitious! Obviously, not all of what I did was creating a complete meal, but having the cooked meat ready will save me a tremendous about of time and energy!

I hope I can fit in a Baking Day soon so I can have some muffins, pancakes, waffles and bread prepared. We'll see how I feel though! I'll post pictures and my complete freezer list soon!

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