Thursday, February 19, 2009

My AWESOME Deal for the Week!

So that $2 Sunday paper I bought all the way back in January to get the Procter & Gamble coupons, really paid off for me today! After hearing about this Procter & Gamble deal- Buy $40 worth of products get a $15 gas card- here and the fact that I had a TON of P&G coupons that expired 2/28- I decided to try it.

Food Pyramid was a participating store which was even better since they DOUBLE coupons $0.50 or less. This really helped me make this deal great. As an added bonus, I also had a coupon for $5 off a $50 purchase at Food Pyramid from my Entertainment book that I got last year for FREE. So here's the break down:

(I needed milk which was on sale for $2.89 a gallon x3 and apple juice that was on sale as well)

$54.89 for my order before coupons ($44.53 in Procter & Gamble products)

-$5 coupon from Entertainment book

-$19.70 in manufacturer's coupons ($3.55 in which was doubled to be $7.10)

= $30.19 out-of-pocket

-$10.36 I spent on milk and juice

=$19.83 on Procter & Gamble products

-$15 gas card from mail-in rebate

= $4.83 after coupons and deal on Procter & Gamble products

So what percentage did I save?

$44.53 in products for $19.83 is a 55.5% savings

$44.53 in products for $4.83 (after gas card savings) is a 89.2% savings!!
And what did I get?
Tide Detergent, Disinfecting wipes, spray and mop cleaners, 2 bottles of dish detergent, rinse aid, toothpaste, 20 disposable razors, 2 rolls of paper towels and 2 boxes of baby wipes!

*The picture is of all my P&G products minus another set of wipes

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