Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awesome Huggies Diaper coupons!

Hurry, hurry, hurry over to to print your Huggies diaper coupons.
They have a $5/1 Gentle Care Product coupon and $3/1 Natural Fit Product coupon.
You can print 2 of each, but these won't last long because they'll be so popular!

*Save these for the week of 3/8- Walgreens is suppose to have these on sale for $10 each, buy $25 worth, get $10 Register Reward (to use on your next purchase).

This is a possible scenario:
Transaction #1:
Buy 2 pkgs Gentle Care Diapers and 1 pkg Natural Fit Diapers
Spend $30 minus $13 in coupons= $17 out of pocket
Get $10 Register Reward

Transaction #2: Another pkg of Huggies Diapers
$10 minus $10 Register Reward=
FREE pkg of diapers

Total out of pocket: $17 for 4 pkgs of diapers or $4.25 per pkg

*If you have can get 4 copies of the coupons (this is possible if a friend prints them off for you or if you have access to more than one computer)
Best Scenario:
Transaction #1: Buy 3 pkgs of Gentle Care Diapers
$30 minus $15 in coupons= $15 out of pocket
Get $10 Register Rewards

Transaction #2: Buy 1 pkg Gentle Care Diapers and 2 pkgs Natural Fit Diapers
$30 minus $11 in coupons=$19 out of pocket
Get another $10 Register Rewards

Transaction #3: Buy 2 pkg of Huggies diapers
$20 minus your 2 Register Rewards (you may have to do these in 2 seperate transactions)
2 pkg FREE diapers

Total out of pocket= $34 for 8 pkgs or $4.25

***This scenario was updated as my blog friend, Sarah, let me know that if you use the Register Rewards from the Huggies promotion toward the Huggies promotion- you won't get another Register Reward coupon. To utilize this promotion you either want to use the RR toward another regularly priced pkg of diapers or toward your other purchases at Walgreens. I'll come up with some more scenarios that week to help you get the most out of your RR


Sarah said...

Hey, Steph...just wanted to let you know that if you USE a RR that you received for Huggies, another one will not print in the same transaction. You'll have to buy the diapers in separate transactions, then use the RR for something other than Huggies to get the most out of your RR! HTH!! Sarah

Stephanie said...

Oh, thanks for that information! I'll update the blog.