Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to blog...

As you can see, it's obviously been a few days since I've posted and completely missed the deals of the week this week. Well, about Wednesday my week went a little crazy when my 22 month old son threw up everywhere. By the next day, my 3 year old and I were showing signs of sickness. Fortunately, my husband was able to work from home and help me out because if taking care of four kids wasn't enough...

Anyhow, I apologize for my absence this week. This blog IS called Mommy Management-- and that's exactly what I was doing-- being Mommy. Family first and everything else follows.

Everyone's well and just recovering. I now have a massive pile of laundry and a dirty house that need my attention, but I hope to join you all tomorrow with Meal Plan Monday and the deals for Target and Walgreens.

Thanks for reading as I continue my journey to Manage Mommy!

Feel free to comment and tell me what deals you got this week!!


donna said...

Hi Stephanie,
Wow, you've had a busy week! I hope you and your kids are doing better..I like reading your blog, and you are my inspiration when it comes to couponing and deals seeking. Some of those deals I got or found this week.: Food Pyramid has a good deals on corn 4 for 1 that is the best in town. Walmart has it for .38 pet ear. I saw it at SuperWalmart today(Sunday)Also Hunts Ketchup for .97 (I wish I kept my coupon $1 off/ 2 from May "All You" until now)If doubled would be free or .94 for two, .47 each!
Hot dogs .89, Hiland Ice cream 1.99, groung round for $1.59.. It tastes great in spaghetti sauce, and has less fat , Also, Cool Aid drinks mix are 12 for a buck! The ad is good til May 5. At Reasors I got my favorite.. Mangos 3 for 1!.Usually, they are sold for .69each or 2 for $1
I have also checked KMart on line store ad for this week and Kellogs cerals are 4 for 10 There are a coupons on (I believe)I have printed last week, so, I am going to go to Kmart tomorrow. If you register on Kmart website they will give you Two $5 coupons.I need to print mine fromm my inbox
Also, Pyless Shoe Source has sale going on B1Gi 50% off I got my two boys two pair of shoes on Saturday for $ included !
Thank you for posting great deals for Target. I have shopped at North Target(not a Super Target) last Saturday and got Target brand baby body wash, that smells just like Johnson and Johnsonh baby had to toe wash with the .75 coupon ,16 oz for .34! I hope, I have not bragged to much.

Stephanie said...

That's awesome Donna! You're finding so many great deals. It's not bragging- it's letting people know what's available and that's great!