Saturday, November 15, 2008

Deals for this Week

Hello Ladies-
Sorry it's taken a bit for me to update. I've been busy looking for and getting good deals this week.

If you haven't heard yet, if you need to do any shopping at Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy stores you need to go TOMORROW to get in on this deal-- you can print a coupon here for 30% off your purchase! This is a multiple use coupon so you can use it at any or all those stores!

Reasor's Deals til Tuesday, Nov. 18--
Chicken for $1.68/lb-
This is in the Reasor's circular and since there is no "brand", so you could probably take this to Wal-Mart and price match (and get Tyson chicken)
*For all you ladies planning on attending our planning session on Make Ahead Meals- stock up on this deal, chicken is rarely this cheap!

Boneless Beef Arm Roast for $1.88/lb-
This would also be great for the ladies attending our session- get two- one for stew and one for roast! This is a good price on roast- usually 2.38/lb

Food Pyramid Deals til Tuesday, Nov. 18--
Jiffy Cornbread Mix for $0.39-
If anyone is needing this for Thanksgiving this is a good price- take their circular to Wal-Mart and price match!

Homeland Deals til Tuesday, Nov. 18--
Land O Lakes Butter for 2 for $5-
Use $0.55 coupon here (you can print up to 2 by hitting the back button)
If you can buy 1 for $2.50- $.55 coupon will double= $1.10
1 for $2.50-$1.10= $1.40
If not, 2 for $5-$1.10= $3.90 for 2 or $1.95 each
Do a seperate transaction with your 2nd coupon to get the same deal!

C&H Sugar Products 3 for $5
Use $0.65/2 coupon here
If you can just buy 2 at $1.67 each - $.65 coupon doubled= $1.02 each
If not, 3 for $5-$1.10=$3.90 for 3 or $1.30 each

I'll add the Walgreen's and Target ad deals tomorrow- there's some great cereal and peanut butter deals at Walgreen's this week!

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